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Environmental Issues

Mother Earth Suffering from the Human Negligent

Due To the Misuse of Weed Eater Trimmer String Line Machines

Alarming reports from the United States declare that 50% of vital trees are lost annually from damage caused by operators performing String Line Trimmer maintenance services in forests and land areas around the world.

New safety issues and concerns about the efficiency of Trimmer String line nylon cord, Brush Cutter string line cord and weed eater string line cord replacements are creating a problem that has shocked homeowners around the world.  Many of whom have been keen on using these machines on their lawns for years.


For decades, lawnmowers have gained a steady foothold in the gardening industry being one of the staple tools utilized for both residential and commercial purposes. Every home with a yard has relied on these machines for upkeep and maintenance. More so, for commercial areas like parks, plantations and golf courses, the need for regular trimming is achieved by using a weed eater line trimmer. Today however, alarming reports are questioning the efficiency of these machines that we so greatly depend on.

While recent advancements in technology has provided homeowners an alternative in the upkeep and maintenance of their lawns thanks to a new and more eco-friendly development in gardening tools such as Robot lawn mowers, there are still a great number of people who regularly use a weed eater trimmer for lawn and weed control maintenance.

The only problem with this option is that certain safety concerns are being over looked by the un-knowing public. The subject of recent debate is focused on the case of handy garden trimmer line string machines. The disputes bring forth setbacks and apprehensions despite the fact that these machines are compact yet tough enough to handle all our smooth to rough landscape maintenance needs.

The greatest problem headlining weed eater string line cord is the alarming death rate of essential and vital trees. With more than  50% of the trees in the United States of America lost each year due to damage caused by trimmer line string cord, a series of other environmental issues have also come up. Even seemingly small cuts on the roots can lead to decay of the trees. Pests or bacteria that penetrate the cuts cause decomposition and inevitable death. The shameful process occurs slowly as the trees gradually die after five to ten years of cumulative damage. The old oak tree that once provided shade from harsh summers are sadly lost from careless use of trimmer string line. This problem alone calls forth for a greater need of awareness and action to protect trees as they are a vital component in the survival of the human race.

Concerned environmentalists and researchers raise another problem; string line cord toxic waste. Initially, operators believed this to be as seemingly harmless as most people are unaware of the toxicity of mono-filament trimmer string line.

Nylon is the main component in trimmer string line cord manufacture and there are over ninety million trimmers currently in use worldwide. Homeowners and maintenance employees continue trimming away unaware of the damage caused to trees whilst polluting the ground with toxic string line cord waste. What the public have failed to realize is that nylon, formerly touted as “miracle fibre”, has been proven as an environmental pollutant. Producing nylon alone involves the heavy use of adipic acid. A report by www.worldwatch.org attributes the release of harmful nitrous acid. Moreover, nylon releases toxic chemicals such as hydrogen cyanide and diamine which are also harmful to the environment.

If left lying around, the flora and fauna will suffer from its effects. Such as in the case of organic farming, this method becomes unacceptable with all the harmful chemicals that can be released in to the plantation. Aside from that, this toxic material is also non-recyclable since it’s a plastic that cannot be broken down.

Another rising issue in Trimmer string line maintenance is the safety of people around an operator at work whether it’s at home or in public. A report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSM) revealed that no less than 230,000 people suffer from injuries caused by lawn maintenance equipment including trimmer string line cord. For anyone concerned about the safety of their family and loves ones, this important information should be taken onboard and used around the home when live gardening tools are operated.

Individual and landscaping business owners alike are taking safety guideline information into consideration these days more than ever, to avoid costly lawsuits that can easily bring a business down. It is time to make a change and lead by example by choosing an alternative to trimmer string line, your environment will feel the benefit.

Together we can avoid tree damage and Pollution by non-use of trimmer string line nylon cord by using a new greener alternative solution. Waste that emits chemical pollutants has no place in any business or home. Likewise, trees can offer more protection from global warming if they thrive through safer gardening.

Most importantly, the safety of people around us should always be our top priority whenever we clean our yards or our homes. There are always alternative solutions coming to the market that we can choose from and one such new product that is answering the calls to a faster, safer, greener solution is the Trimmer Genie.


Trimmer Genie eliminates the need for trimmer string line replacement spools which consequently takes away all the problems that goes with it. It offers amazing benefits with its unique design that guarantees protection to trees, plantation and adds authenticity to organic farming.

The Trimmer Genie Kit system supports the forestry industry, making trimmer line string cord replacements an outdated and toxic product and to be avoided at all cost to save planet earth from further harm. This new innovation from Trimmer Genie International is an easy to install turbo powered blade attachment that can work in any type of outdoor surroundings. Trimmer Genie has a patented safety blade shield that protects both the operator and everything around it.

The forestry, landscaping and gardening industries are all seeking safer alternatives to string line cord use, the Trimmer Genie is without doubt a product packed with power, whilst being equipped for safety to operator, public and environment.

For more information on this innovative New Trimmer String Line Cord Replacement Kit,

Visit www.trimmergenie.co.uk.

The world can become a better place to live in, with alternative choices that are pro-environment.


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