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Trimmer String Line Information

Trimmer String Li...

Monofilament String Trimmer Line Cord Head Spool wires has been in an in demand product...
Environmental Issues

Environmental Iss...

Alarming reports from the United States declares a 50% loss of vital trees and raises the question on the use of Trimmer Line Strings and lawnmowers all over the world.
How The Genie Works

How The Genie Wor...

Introducing The NEW Trimmer Genie - The new alternative in trimmer string line replacement. STOP wasting time on trying to thread spools of nylon trimmer string.
Feel The Difference

Feel The Differen...

Feel The Difference With Trimmer Genie

Please consider the risks to Trees, humans and your environment before purchasing your next
trimmer string head replacement.

Trimmer string line cords can rip through any tree bark, inflicting severe whiplash injuries which lead
to tree death. This type of whiplash damage creates tear wounds to the tree, which will endure
suffering and the formation of fungi diseases to infect the open tear wounds in the tree.
Trimmer Genie is world class solution kit in the prevention of trimmer string line tree damage.

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